A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

A winning culture aka how to boost your agile team performance and bring it to the next level?

Krzysztof Raś

Today most of us work in Agile/Lean/Scrum/another-cool-word organization. Reasons to create our software this way are many: it is fun, it develops what is needed, it’s competitive and so on…

Even if you don’t Scrum, you definitely do have some experience or, at least theoretical knowledge of it, and decided not to go this way. Again, reasons may be many.

The ultimate goal of all software development process is to create a piece of software that works as intended, is delivered on time with requested quality and within the budget. The way you do it is important, however of a second priority. The most important thing is to choose the way that fits most to your domain, knowledge, maturity and skills of people in the team, process and methodology. The real challenge, in fact, is to boost the team performance and bring it to the next level, despite the process you follow in the organization.


Build a winning culture in your organization.

Culture is what makes an organization ‘the’ organization and can have a great impact on its performance. It is the glue that binds an organization all together. A company may have the greatest product or service, but these can be easily copied. What cannot be is the culture: an unique mixture of company’s values and high performance behaviours which can be a lasting source of competitive advantage.

In my talk, I will tell you what an organization culture is and what are the behaviours that make it winning and high performance.

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