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The Economies of Scaling Software

Abdelmonaim Remani

You spend your precious time building the perfect application. You do everything right. You carefully craft every piece of code and rigorously follow the best practices and design patterns, you apply the most successful methodologies software engineering has to offer with discipline, and you pay attention to the most minuscule of details to produce the best user experience possible. It all pays off eventually, and you end up with a beautiful code base that is not only reliable but also performs well. You proudly watch your baby grow, as new users come in bringing more traffic your way and craving new features. You keep them happy and they keep coming back. One morning, you wake up to servers crashing under load, and data stores failing to keep up with all the demand. You panic. You throw in more hardware and try optimize, but the hungry crowd that was once your happy user base catches up to you. Your success is slipping through your fingers. You find yourself stuck between having to rewrite the whole application and a hard place. It's frustrating, dreadful, and painful to say the least. Don't be that guy! Save your soul before it's too late, and come to learn how to build, deploy, and maintain enterprise-grade Java applications that scale from day one.

Topics covered include: parallelism, load distribution, state management, caching, big data, asynchronous processing, and static content delivery. Leveraging cloud computing, scaling teams and DevOps will also be discuss. P.S. This session is more technical than you might think.

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