A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

Workshop: Impact Mapping - Creating Software that Matters

Krzysztof Jelski

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Agile has mostly solved the problem of delivering working software efficiently. We are quite good at ""creating software right"". Now it's time to improve on the trickier part - how to ""create the right software"". What we want is software that has an impact on our clients' lives or businesses.

Impact Mapping is a great tool to help teams build only what is really needed. It helps by aligning activities of all delivery activities with business goals. It also helps to expose and communicate assumptions. The process itself is visual and collaborative, which works as if you added at least 50 IQ points to each team member.

The session will include a short introduction to Impact Mapping. We'll also see how an Impact Map can help in identifying assumptions and making strategic decisions.

This session works best in a workshop settings, where participants sit in small groups. If room won't allow, participants will do small activities themselves to practice Impact Mapping at least a bit.

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