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CANCELLED Understanding Netty via socket-reboot

Jim Baker

Netty 4 is the newest version of the asynchronous framework that powers Akka, Elasticsearch, Finagle, JBoss, Play, Storm, and numerous other high-performance projects. Perhaps you want to write such apps. But Netty’s APIs require some effort to understand. Even with provided sample code and docs, it's not immediately clear how to construct Netty channel pipelines, or what methods are invoked in Netty handlers as network events occur.

To slice through this complexity, Jython’s socket-reboot project offers a Rosetta Stone for understanding Netty. Jython uses Netty to implement C socket semantics on top of the underlying Java NIO support. This means being able to support such semantics as switching from blocking mode to nonblocking mode, and back, at any time, while support selection regardless of mode. But such mode switching only requires 12 lines of code. Selector support only requires 10 lines. And so forth. Just like if you were trying to initially understand a foreign language you might turn to a dictionary or a phrase book instead of a novel, using a translation between C and Java like socket-reboot can give you better insight for what your own app needs.

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