A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

RESTing away from hell

Jakub Janczak

The world of frameworks became a pretty dangerous jungle nowadays. Swamped in dependencies, forced to bend your architecture to their needs, you find yourself shaving yaks and tackling accidental complexity. Hidden magic makes it even worse, setting up traps everywhere you step. In an ideal world you would like to express all your needs in code - thats what we love, don’t we?

Dropwizard brings some sanity to this madness. It’s a production ready mix of Jetty, Jersey, Jackson, Metrics, Guava, Logback and nothing more. A perfect match for microservices based architecture.

In this talk we will ride through Drowizard’s features and confront them with my experiences from Schibsted. I’ll pay special attention to:

  • embedded containers and how they decrease the gap between dev and prod
  • DIY DI and how to live in a world not infected by IoC containers
  • metrics and how to get service health on a grasp

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