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~ Chinese Proverb ~

Objective-C and Swift for Java Developers

Daniel Steinberg

Last week Apple introduced Swift - a new programming language for developing iOS and OS X apps that. Traditionally, developers have used Objective-C. Java occupies an interesting place between Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C famously had a big influence on Java. You can see the influence of Java (and other JVM languages) on Swift.

In this talk we'll look at the similarities and differences between the three languages. In the first half you'll encounter the square brackets and colons that make it easy to identify Objective-C. We'll look at header files and other common patterns of Objective-C. In particular, I'll try to explain the reason why we do things differently in Objective-C than we do in Java and I'll introduce you to some of the fundamental Cocoa patterns.

The Swift programming language was only revealed last week. We haven't learned the best practice patterns yet. In the second half of the talk I'll introduce you to the syntax and fundamentals of Swift. You'll see that it is different from Java in fundamental ways but very accessible for a Java developer.

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