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What's new in WildFly?

Arun Gupta

WildFly 8 (née JBoss Application Server) is Red Hat's open source Java EE 7 compliant application server. It contains robust implementations of WebSocket, Batch, JSON, Concurrency, JMS2, JAX-RS 2, CDI 1.1, and all Java EE 7 technologies. Undertow is the new cutting-edge web server in WildFly 8 and is designed for maximum throughput and scalability, including environments with over a million connections. The number of ports is reduced by multiplexing protocols over HTTP using HTTP Upgrade. Role Based Access Control support organizations with separated management responsibilities and restrictions. Roles represent different sets of permissions such as runtime operation execution, configuration areas that can read or written, and the ability to audit changes and manage users. In addition a new restricted audit log can be enabled including the ability to offload to a secure syslog server. It also provides a rich web-based administration console and a powerful CLI for management. Multi instance cluster with high availability can be easily created. You don't even need to download WildFly in order to experience this functionality. Applications can be directly deployed to OpenShift, Red Hat's open source PaaS offering. This session will provide an overview of all these features using several live demos.

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