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Gerrit Code Review or Github’s fork and pull? Take both!

Luca Milanesio

When searching on Google with the keywords “Gerrit” and “GitHub” you find lots of different links with more questions than answers; see below a selection of the most interesting ones:

  • Stackoverflow.com – Gerrit with GitHub
  • Stackexchange.com – Pros and Cons of Code Review vs. Pull Requests
  • Julien Danjou - Rant about Github pull-request
  • CloudFoundry.org – Gerrit and Jenkins workflow with GitHub
  • Gerrit, GitHub, GitLab comparison on YouTube
  • DZone – GitHub: more on how free sucks

We present out experience (and lessons learned) of integrating Gerrit with GitHub trough replication and OAuth SSO using the GitHub plugin for Gerrit Code Review.

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