A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

Paweł Feliński

  • Paweł is Agile-Lean trainer, coach and consultant with background in IT project management. He has seen many ways that didn’t work and has the courage to call them out when he observes them.

    Paweł gained experience in various professions starting from marketing research in a factory of chocolate, through chemical laboratory to air traffic control. He has practiced Scrum since 2006 starting as a team-member, Scrum Master, Agile project manager and finally a coach. He explored various levels of Agile coaching from helping build and grow self-organized teams to supporting Agile transformation and culture change.

    Paweł is an experienced trainer not only providing highly interactive workshops, but also working on comprehensive development programs tailored to the needs of their participants. Co-founder of Lean Leaders training initiative with the aim to build high-performing teams and organizations.

    Privately, Paweł is a great fan of aviation, mountain trekking and creme brulee. At work, interested in making organizations Lean and teams Agile, Paweł will help you succeed with adaptive software development and show you how to make money with Scrum.

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