A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

Wojciech Seliga

  • Wojciech Seliga is a seasoned software developer and entrepreneur. He started coding 30 years ago and since then has witnessed various waves, hypes and fashions in our industry. He has been responsible for fostering agile practices in the development and business alike, managing and staffing software projects and mentoring.

    Currently he runs a company he co-founded – Spartez - which partners with Atlassian on developing their core products. Besides leading efforts around Atlassian JIRA, Wojciech contributed to several open source projects and is an author of ScreenSnipe – a commercial cross-platform screenshotting tool sold globally.

    Wojciech was presenting at many international conferences including Devoxx, Agile, EclipseCon, Javarsovia/Confitura, 33rd Degree, Atlassian Summit, AtlasCamp, AgileByExample, GeeCon, InfoSHARE and smaller technical/business events in Poland and abroad.

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